Eva-dry Edv-1100 Mini Dehumidifier Review

by Mike

The Eva-dry Edv-110 Mini Dehumidifier is a great humidifier for your average home owner who has humidity problems within their residence. Clearly, the size of this dehumidifier is meant to be for your average sized rooms.
Eva-dry Edv-110 Mini Dehumidifier
Your Eva-Dry RSF1026 dehumidifier can quietly absorb moisture at a very effective rate. This is an extremely good option if you are having mold issues within a bathroom or closet.

Features – Benefits:

  1. Place this dehumidifier behind couches or out of sight due to its small size.
  2. When reaching capacity, it will automatically shut off.
  3. Lower energy consumption than your average dehumidifier or larger models.
  4. Peltier Technology

Product – Shipping Details:

  1. Dehumidifier Dimensions: 6.8” x 8.5” x 14” / 6.8 pounds
  2. Shipping Weight: 7.2 pounds
  3. May be shipped to countries outside of the United States
  4. Among the top five dehumidifiers sold online

Final Analysis:

The Eva-dry Edv-110 Mini Dehumidifier is a great dehumidifier for your average home owner. If you have intentions of purchasing this for a generally small area then this is probably a very good solution. However, the small nature of this dehumidifier will not allow it to be very effective on large rooms greater than 200 square feet in size.

The true specialty of this dehumidifier and in comparison to some of the others is its small size. It is extremely portable and can be easily carried from room to room if necessary. Or, if you intend on leaving it in one location, it can be easily hid behind another piece of furniture. It is extremely quiet and can be ran during all points of the day.

The downside to this product is that it runs a little bit hot at times. You should not leave this dehumidifier unattended. I would discourage you from also leaving it on for significantly long periods of time (days). While the manufacturer has not recalled the item and there have been no significant damage to homes, I would make sure that this dehumidifier, although it can be hidden, to allow for proper ventilation as needed to operate to its full potential.

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Customer Reviews:

1. This is one of the best dehumidifiers on the market today. I am constantly remarking to my husband about how good of a job it does to keep the humidity down. If you’re asking if this dehumidifier does what it claims to, yes it does. Before I bought this item, I had never heard of Eva-Dry.

But now that I have this in my house I don’t get sticky, wet floors and I only have to empty the receptacle every 36 hours. Not too bad for the price I paid for it. 80 dollars is cheap as far as my budget is concerned. Thinking about it, I should buy two of these for each of my friends so that they can live without a damp house for once.

Way to go Eva-Dry, you really did a good job on creating this product.

Mary, Orlando

2. A proper dehumidifier was one of the first things on my list after moving into my beach house. You wouldn’t believe the amount of humidity that I get in the house when the ocean breeze is kicking up.

It’s a real problem to have flowing water on the floor. I bought three of these, and from day one it was buckets and buckets of water I had to empty out. However, after letting them run for a week straight, I only have to empty them every 24 hours. Now I simply add emptying the buckets to my daily routine and all is well. For the money I paid, this was a great deal.

Under 100 dollars for a dehumidifier is fantastic and I wouldn’t want to be without these. For over a year now these have been running strong and providing me with what I need to keep my house dry.

Jennifer, Miami

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